We are a group of writers, creatives, agents, and literary professionals dedicated to our crafts.  

As specialists in our respective areas of expertise, we are all passionate about teaching, coaching, and guiding writers wherever they may be on the writers' journey to foster growth and success.

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The story of
Writers Inkubator

Founded in 2018, Writers Inkubator started as a grassroots writing workshop in New York City. Four years later, our founder landed a six-figure book advance as a first-time author in less than twenty-four hours of submitting her book proposal to one of the Big 5. Instantly, she realized her method worked and the thousands of dollars she spent on writer's workshops, literary conferences and other scattered and rarely effective resources for more than a decade wasn't what got her a book deal. It was then our team at Writers Inkubator realized there must be a way for writers to get the necessary tools to succeed in the book publishing industry at an affordable price -- and without spending a decade of researching to find how!
Our team of writers and industry professionals rallied around this common idea, because like our founder, we've all had that discouraging and exhausting experience when trying to break into the industry, but made it through to the other side and we want to help our writers do the same! We provide writers with all the resources needed to help them streamline the publishing process to achieve their goals and become a prominent, published author.

Bringing Literary & Film To Life

Our team has decades of combined professional expertise in the literary and film industries. We pride ourselves in leveraging our hard earned experiences, relationships, and know-how so our authors and clients don't have to go through the same arduous journey to bring their literary and film goals to life. Our greatest joy is seeing our authors' dreams printed on the page or displayed in bright lights on the screen, resonating in the hearts of readers and viewers everywhere.