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Do I need a book proposal?

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, or plan to traditionally publish or self-publish, yes, you need a book proposal. Just like a successful startup business needs a business plan, all books need a book proposal. Creating a well thought out book proposal helps writers in many ways, such as highlighting areas for improvement within their manuscript, identify their target audience and understanding how to best reach their readers to ensure a successful launch of their book.

What will I learn when the course ends?

By the end of our course, writers will:
Have completed an industry standard book proposal that will help prepare them for a book deal and sell books. Gain a deep understanding how the book proposal is a blueprint for the book content and a sales tool. Bypass all the hours of research on how to write a six-figure book proposal.

I'm a first time author. Am I the right candidate for the accelerator?

Yes, we welcome all levels.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If after your first session, you're not satisfied with our course, we will reimburse you 100%.

What are scouting services?

On behalf of you, we package your material and use our literary and film network to get you that literary agent, book or film deal.

Can you scout my work?

Because we receive hundreds of submissions, we carefully review manuscripts, book proposal and personal stories to see if we are a good fit to represent.

How much does scouting cost?

Our scouting services cost ZERO. However, if we place you with a publisher and/or get you a movie deal, we have a small scouting fee that will be taken out of royalties, book advances or film budget. All of which is negotiable for both parties.

What types of stuff do you scout?

We scout all types of genres.

My book proposal needs work. Can you help me polish it?

Yes. Please book a consultation with one of our team members to discuss how we can help you with line editing and more.

Do I need a ghostwriter if I already started to write my book?

No, but consulting or collaborating with a veteran writer can help develop your manuscript to fit for traditional publishing.

Do I need a pitch deck for my movie idea?

Usually. Ideas are a dime a dozen in the entertainment industry. Similar to a book proposal, but more succinct and visual, a pitch deck is a quick way to introduce your well-thought out concept to producers who may want to purchase or help develop your film rights.

Will the submission package review help me land a book deal?

Yes. Our team has helped numerous authors develop their book proposals and land deals with agents and publishers. Having an experienced eye review your material and offer suggestions can make all the difference between your proposal ending up in the slush pile and landing a six-figure deal.

Do you offer free resources for underserved individuals?

At Writers Inkubator, we sponsor writers in financial need. If you want to take our course but can't afford a basic plan, please email us.

I don't have alot of followers on social media and a small platform. Can I still get a book deal?

Yes. Although publishers and agents like to see that writers have an already engaged audience, Writers Inkubator will guide you on how to identify your target audience, engage with readers, and demonstrate that you are the only one who can write your book and help publishers sell copies. 

Do you offer other courses?

Yes. We are in the process of migrating our services to a self-paced learning platform that will allow writers to download our courses, templates, and resources to enhance their careers at their own pace.

What types of books do you represent?

Writers Inkubator is currently accepting submissions for non-fiction, memoir, YA, and fiction manuscripts for scouting consideration. Please refer to the submission guidelines if you would like to be considered for scouting representation to assist in placing you and your work with agents, publishers, and producers.

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