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Founder, author and activist.

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Elvira launched Writers Inkubator as a grassroots writing workshop in New York City in 2018. By listening to her members' goals and challenges, she developed a flagship course program to help writers land literary representation, book and film deals.

When she was sixteen, she had a vision of landing her first book deal with a traditional publisher before the age of 30. After a decade of research, writing workshops and conferences, she realized she wasted hundreds of dollars and time attempting to construct the perfect words on paper. She learned there was very little information out there on how to REALLY break into the traditional book publishing and film industry with absolutely no experience or network.

With a background in professional sports coaching, technology and business, she harnessed her expertise and realized she needed to be resilient, innovative and she needed to think about her book idea like a business. She’s the startup. Her book idea is the product. Both the book publishers and film people are the investors.

It was here that she went on a mission to conquer the six-figure book advance and it was going to be done with just a book proposal. AKA: The business plan. It took her years to construct a book proposal with a modern approach using data, analytics and research to convince the publishers why they needed to give her a book deal considering she wasn’t a celebrity. She wasn’t active social media.  She had no professional writing background experience. She had to work for her network.

Within 24 hours of submitting her book proposal to traditional publishers, she was asked by a Big 5 publisher how much she wanted to get her book off the market. With a six-figure book deal in mind, the publisher agreed with no negotiations. Additionally, Elvira has received various TV & Film interests for her film rights.

Today, her goal is to help others alike launch their stories and by pass all the obstacles she encountered while learning about writing, platform and publishing.